The Batting Order has both token operated cages and rental cages.  We have the following token-operated cages:   1 slow-pitch softball, and 3 baseball cages ranging in speeds from 30-80 MPH.  Our facility also has 8 rental cages:  Two of these are pitching lanes with mounds. The other 6 are for batting practice.  We also have a fast-pitch softball manual-fed pitching machine and a baseball manual-fed pitching machine that can be rented for an extra $5.  Our gym is now fully operational for basketball practice!  Let us know if your team needs a facility to practice basketball.

TOKENS:  Each token for our automatic cages pitches about 10-12 balls. 



The Batting Order is a "bat at your own risk" facility and is not responsible for injuries that occur while on the premesis.  Helmets must be worn at ALL times while batting.