Need a place to practice your lay-ups or jump shots? 

TBO has a basketball goal!

Hourly Gym Rental

Our facility has a 1/2 court basketball gym as well as rental and token cages!  Gym rental is available for $40/hour for teams. 

The gym is also a great place for baseball teams to warm up or work on speed and agility drills.

Open Play Basketball

When gym is open/available, we offer open play basketball for $4.00/PERSON/HOUR.

  Wristbands are required to enter the gym for open play.  If you have not paid, you will not be allowed in the gym area.

NEW!  Purchase an Individual Basketball Membership!  For $20 a month you can come play basketball any time the gym is open*!  

Please keep in mind this is an OPEN BASKETBALL MEMBERSHIP - there may be others in the gym shooting hoops at the same time you are.

*Occasionally a team rents the gym.  In the even that this occurs, the team renting the gym gets exclusive access to the gym.

Gym Rules:

~No food/drink permitted in gym

~No rough-housing or climbing on the basketball goal

~Please do not adjust the goal height... we will be happy to do this for you!

Gym is play at your own risk, and parent supervision is required

The Batting Order is a "bat at your own risk" facility and is not responsible for injuries that occur while on the premesis.  Helmets must be worn at ALL times while batting.